How to choose an experienced Control4 dealer

With smart devices becoming more available and affordable, it’s tempting to grab a plug-and-play operating system to get started as soon as possible with a more convenient lifestyle. However, taking a more considered approach can be beneficial in the long term, providing more scalability, flexibility and quality. If you’ve heard of Control4, you may be wondering where your nearest dealer is, but the most local provider may not be the best to choose. When it comes to a complex operating system like Control4, nothing beats choosing an experienced Control4 dealer.

What can Control4 do?

Control4 is a state-of-the-art home automation system that enables you to connect and control an almost limitless range of devices at the touch of a button. From audio-visual equipment and smart appliances to lighting and security, it provides a level of luxury and convenience that plug-and-play systems cannot achieve. Read our dedicated post for a detailed breakdown of how it works and what it can do.

Why choose an experienced Control4 dealer?

Choosing an experienced Control4 dealer means investing in the expertise of a provider that has been working with the technology for years. As such, they’ll have seen it evolve over time and will likely have already encountered any issues that may arise during installation or beyond. Experience often means a faster and more seamless installation process, as well as a responsive service.

Once your Control4 specialist has installed your system, they will be able to show you how to configure the settings to your exact needs. An experienced Control4 dealer will be able to meet any need in this regard, helping you to create programmes that are as simple or complex as you need.

How to find an experienced Control4 dealer

Control4 awards its dealers with various statuses and monikers when they reach a certain level of experience. Look for Pinnacle status, which is achieved when a dealer has attained experience across a range of projects and can provide an exceptional level of support. Only established Control4 dealers with intricate knowledge of the system are awarded this status.

You can also look for a Diamond Dealer certification. Control4 awards this only to providers who have completed a particular number of projects. A Diamond Dealer must employ a minimum of four Certified Programmers and at least one Professional Certified Network(PCNA) Engineer. This demonstrates that the provider can complete large and complex projects, and that they have the capacity to offer the highest level of support both during installation and afterwards.

Only 5% of Control4 dealers worldwide can boast Diamond Dealer status.

Experienced Control4 dealers in the south east

If you live in Kent, Surrey, Essex, London or Sussex, New Wave AV can provide expert smart home setups to meet your needs. We are an experienced Control4 installer; our relationship with the brand began in 2004, just a year after it was founded, and we currently hold both Pinnacle and Diamond Dealer status. In 2022, we were named Control4 Partner of the Year, demonstrating our ability to take on complex projects and affirming our commitment to delivering a first-class service. Contact our team today for a consultation.

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